Delivery Information

Which are our courier partners?

Currently, there is no associated / official courier partner with We are delivering all of our products through different courier service providers based on buyer's location. For most of the orders, we are delivering through Indian Post. As it's cost efficient and reachable to all of rural and urban areas.

How will get get notified about shipment and delivery?

We will definitely drop mails for each update. For instance, if your order is shipped, you would get somewhat below format mail :
Your order of Product Name is shipped on DD-MM-YYYY with tracking number TRACKING NUMBER. you can track your shipment on TRACKING LINK.

I am not able to track my shipment online, what should I do?

Don't worry, your order is on your way. Generally, it takes about 24 business hours to get the tracking details updated on courier service provider site. If even after 24 hours, you are not able to track the shipment, you can simply drop a mail to with all your details.

How much time will it take to get the product delivered?

We are as excited as you to get the product delivered to you as soon as possible. But, as we live in the real world, it takes about 4-5 Working Days to Deliver, after your product is shipped.

What happens if I refuse / reject the delivery?

Oh, why would you do that? Even if due to some reasons, you do the same, product will safely get delivered back to us.